The Best 32GB SD Card

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Find perfect, money saving
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Find perfect, money saving alternatives to expensive brand products!

The Best 32GB SD Card

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SanDisk Extreme PLUS 32GB micro SD HC

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Smart Alternative

Samsung EVO Plus
32GB micro SD HC


Finding the best 32gb SD card for your device is oddly challenging because of so many ratings and symbols! 32gb SD Cards store data on your device, usually photos and videos, so you can transfer them to your computer later. Getting the right one can mean the difference between capturing all your memories, or none of them. Many people purchase a more expensive card like the SanDisk Extreme Plus assuming there is a significant quality difference, but there isn't. The difference is only noticeable by a small portion of users pushing the boundaries of the card with 4K Ultra HD video or those shooting super high-speed burst photography in a RAW format. We highly recommend the Samsung EVO Plus 32gb SD Card for its incredible performance in all consumer devices as well as its amazing price.

Who Should Buy The Brand

The SanDisk Extreme Plus is marketed to all consumers, but in reality, is designed for extreme situations where the fastest sd card would be useful. To prevent frames from dropping when shooting 4k Ultra HD and to reduce the time between high speed burst photography it's the better choice. But in almost all cases the only difference you will notice is less money in your wallet. 

Who Should Buy The Alternative

The Samsung EVO Plus microSD card is the best SD card for your money. The write speeds are perfectly matched for all levels of consumer electronics and the read speeds won't keep you waiting long. Dollar for dollar it is the best performing 32gb SD card in all of our testing, beating out several more expensive cards.


High Price


Low Price

ultra fast read speed - 90MB/s - SanDisk Extreme Plus UHS 3

Read Speed

The read speed measures how long it takes to get photos and videos from your card to your computer. The SanDisk Extreme Plus has a maximum transfer speed of 90MB per second which is only 15MB/s faster. This slight speed difference won't be noticeable unless you're moving massive amounts of data. If this is important, you'll want to purchase the fastest sd card you can afford.

ultra fast read speed - 90MB/s - Samsung EVO Plus UHS 1

Read Speed

The Samsung Evo Plus 32gb sd card maximum speed is also very fast 80MB per second. This speed will make the transfer time super fast. Both of these cards have very fast read speeds which you will find very useful when unloading large amounts of photos and videos to your computer. This spec is most important for pros that need to get large amounts of photo and vid off the card fast.

Ultra fast write speed 95MB/s Micro SD Card

Write Speed

The write speed measures how quickly your card can save the photos and videos you are taking, and be ready to shoot again. The SanDisk Extreme Plus writes at 95MB/s which translates to a Speed Class 10 and UHS3. The speed increase is only important when shooting 4k Ultra HD video and fast-action shots in high volume bursts, otherwise the difference will be unnoticeable in most situations.

Super fast write speed 20MB/s Micro SD Card

Write Speed

Your SD cards writing speed is only important in some circumstances. It's very important to note that your device has a max capability to write and purchasing anything over that capability will be a waste of money. The Samsung Evo Plus writes at 20MB/s which translates to a Speed Class 10 and UHS1. This speed is great for phones, tablets, all GoPro models, drones and more. It's fast enough to shoot Full HD 1080p video and burst photos.

Sandisk Micro SD Card storage - 16GB - 32GB - 64GB - 128GB - 256GB


SanDisk Extreme Plus SDXC comes in the 4 most common sizes of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Make sure to check your device, some devices like Nintendo 3DS or the GoPro Hero 1 won't support anything over a 32GB sd card.

Samsung Micro SD Card storage - 16GB - 32GB - 64GB - 128GB - 256GB


Samsung Evo Plus SDXC comes in the 4 sizes as well, but they focus on larger capacities.  Choose from 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. We suggest buying more space than you think you will need as long as its compatible with your device.

Extreme SD Card - Micro SD Card durability


Your host device will likely experience some abuse, so its important that you have a durable card. The SanDisk Extreme Plus SD HC is temperature proof, magnet proof, X-ray proof, and Waterproof.

Durable SD Card - Micro SD Card


The Samsung EVO Plus SD HC is just as durable is the SanDisk. It is also temperature proof, magnet proof, x-ray proof, and waterproof. These safeguards keep your photos and videos safe.

SD Card Compatibility - MicroSDXC - high end performance


The SanDisk Extreme Plus is a 32GB Micro SD HC that comes with an adaptor to fit full-sized SD slots. This micro size with the adapter allows the card to be compatible with a huge range of devices.

SD Card Compatibility - MicroSDXC - all around performance


Also a 32GB Micro SD HC that comes with an adaptor the Samsung EVO Plus is widely compatible. Make sure your device accepts SD HC cards, especially if you are purchasing for an older device.

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