Disclosure: Outsmart Brands is a list of the best products. When readers buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we earn affiliate commissions that support our work.
Disclosure: Outsmart Brands is a list of the best products. When readers buy our
independently chosen editorial picks, we earn affiliate commissions that support our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy products on this site, we earn affiliate commissions that support our work.

The Best Margarita Machine

Best Margarita blender - Margaritaville Bahamas and Hamilton Beach Wavestation


Find perfect, money saving
alternatives to expensive
brand products!

Find perfect, money saving alternatives to expensive brand products!

The Best Margarita Machine

Outsmart Brands - Brand Product

Bestselling Brand

Margaritaville Bahamas

Outsmart Brands - Smart Alternative

Smart Alternative

Hamilton Beach Wave Station


Is it time to level up your party hosting game? Margarita blenders effortlessly serve drink after drink which lets you play host instead of bartending! The best margarita machine can double as a daiquiri machine but has specific design attributes that create consistent smoothness, easy pouring, and enough power to pulverize ice. Costing as much as a margarita machine rental the Margaritaville Bahama is a party centerpiece that would make Jimmy proud. However, it's wildly expensive when compared to another more powerful margarita machine for sale. The Hamilton Beach Wavestation is more powerful and has a larger blending jar to serve up more drinks faster. After lots of research and sobering up we found the Hamilton Beach Wavestation is definitely the best margarita maker for the money.

Who Should Buy The Brand

Margarita machine, or work of art? The Margaritaville Bahama is the Jimmy Buffet margarita machine! We found it to be the best margarita machine for sale today. Beautiful, easy to use, and has a super cool vibe to it. However, its wonderful branding and good looks don't come cheap. Oddly, it is quite huge but blends up smaller servings. This along with the weaker motor, and hard to clean design are important drawbacks. But if the looks are important and you are willing to really shell out the cash for it, you will probably end of falling in love with it as your new favorite margarita maker.

Who Should Buy The Alternative

Our smart margarita maker alternative is the Hamilton Beach Wave Station which is not nearly as well marketed but had amazing performance at a fraction of the cost. The Wave Station can serve up delicious margaritas as well as other more complicated frozen alcoholic drinks. For example, it can double as your daiquiri machine. It's incredible price still allows for a more powerful motor with a larger blending capacity and easier to clean design. These great margarita machines come in at a fraction of the cost of other similar blenders.


High Price


Low Price

Margarita blender servings per jar - icon

Servings Per Blend

Margarita machines with larger sized blending jars can create more drinks faster. Lots of research has shown people don't like to wait for drinks... The Margaritaville can make 36oz each time, 12oz less than the Hamilton Beach.

Margarita Machine servings per jar - icon

Servings Per Blend

Coming with a larger blending jar, the Hamilton Beach Wave Station is 48oz. You can make more margaritas faster than the Margaritaville, this is a big win when you are hosting certain friends, you know who I am talking about... Becky.

Margarita blender motor watts - icon

Motor Power

The wattage a blender uses indicates the amount of electricity it pulls, more electricity means more power to crush and shave ice and  other ingredients. The Margaritaville can handle 450 watts which is 50 watts less than the Hamilton Beach.

Margarita machine motor power wattage - icon

Motor Power

The more heavy duty Hamilton Beach pulls 500 watts giving it more power and the ability to take on more demanding blends. This capacity to do more gives you diverse options for ingredients! Daiquiris! Wine Slushies! Piña coladas! Becky Bacardi Blasters!

Margarita blender size - icon

Blender Size

The Margaritaville is a bit HUGE at 16.1 x 10.7 x 22.2, compared to the Hamilton Beach. It makes a beautiful centerpiece for your parties but you will find storage to be a challenge because of its size.

Margarita machine size - icon

Blender Size

The Hamilton Beach Wavestation is just about 9 inches shorter than the Margaritaville at 7.6 x 8.8 x 13.9.  This means it will fit under or in your cupboards. If your kitchen real estate is limited you will appreciate the more compact size of the Wavestation.

margarita blender Ice smoothness - icon

Ice Consistency

Margaritaville true shaving action creates a very smooth consistency The Margaritaville has a rotating ice shaving action, which is awesome. It excels at shaving the ice so that the final result is a smooth and consistent Margarita.

Margarita machine ice smoothness - icon

Ice Consistency

The Hamilton Beach has a feature called the Wave Action which creates a downward movement of the ice and ingredients. This feature eliminates all icy chunks and created a smoothness equal to the Margaritaville.

Margarita blender pour - icon


Spilling a drink is a party foul and you will get sympathy, but spilling the entire blending jar is unforgivable. The Margaritaville Bahamas has an easy pour lid that stays on while you serve. Works great.

Margarita machine pour method - icon


The Hamilton Beach reduces the spilling chances by adding a spout to the blender jar! This is awesome when Becky is 6 deep and goes in for another, less chance for spills. The normal pour method also works just fine.

Margarita blender easy cleaning - icon


Cleaning is a necessary evil of any great Margarita, so the easier the better. The beauty and ease of the Margaritaville Bahama comes at the cost of a lot of parts to clean. Completely dishwasher safe, but fitting it all means a few rounds of dishwasher Tetris.

Margarita machine easy cleaning - icon


With fewer and smaller parts (except for the blender jar) the Hamilton Beach Wavestation dismantles faster and is 100% dishwasher safe. Less time cleaning means more time to drink, and to keep an eye on Becky so she doesn't spill anything.

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