The Best Ultra Light Sleeping Bags

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Find perfect, money saving
alternatives to expensive
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Find perfect, money saving alternatives to expensive brand products!

The Best Ultra Light Sleeping Bags

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Bestselling Brand

Paria Outdoor Thermodown

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Smart Alternative

Kingcamp Oasis 250


Ultra light sleeping bags are one of the most important pieces of gear for backcountry adventures. It's best to have a sleeping bag that saves on weight keeps you warm and is durable enough for the elements. The Paria Thermodown 15 meets these points and then some. However, with some brutal testing, we found an incredible alternative that saves money and will work for most people on most camping, hiking or backpacking trips. The Kingcamp Oasis 250 Sleeping Bag is easily comparable and leaves some leftover funds for other survival gear.

Who Should Buy The Brand

The Paria Thermodown 15 is a serious sleeping bag from a great company with features an avid outdoorsman or woman may find valuable. If you plan to spend time in colder temperatures and need a high-quality fill that adds to the cost of the sleeping bag the Thermodown 15 may be a good option. However, since our testing did not show any difference in comfort, weight, fit or overall functional performance (in above freezing temperatures) we suggest that most buyers will be smart to save money and get the Kingcamp Oasis 250.

Who Should Buy The Alternative

The Kingcamp Oasis 250 sleeping bag is going to be the smart option for most recreational hikers, campers and weekend adventures. This sleeping bag is designed to cover all of the major considerations for backcountry comfort without including features that would unnecessarily increase the final cost. For trekkers and casual adventurers that need a great performing light weight sleeping bag without a big price tag, you will love the thoughtful design and useable range of the Kingcamp Oasis 250.


High Price


Low Price

Ultralight weight sleeping bag - icon


The Paria Thermodown 15 keeps backpacking weight down by being just at 2.8lbs.

light weight sleeping bag - icon


The Kingcamp Oasis 250 weighs the same at 2.8lbs which is much lighter than would be expected at this price.

Ultralight sleeping bag Mummy shape - icon


The Paria Thermodown comes in a popular mummy styled shape for full enclosure from the elements. The hood is fully insulated and has a draw cord that allow it to be drawn tightly around the face.

Light weight envelope sleeping bag shape - icon


The Kingcamp Oasis 250 is also a mummy shaped sleeping bag with a full enclosure hood and a drawstring to cinch the sleeping bag around your face.

Light weight sleeping bag size icon


When opened: 80" x 31"  
When compressed: 11" x 8"
The Paria Thermodown comes with a compression sack that is well built and will take a beating.

ultralight sleeping bag size icon


When opened: 85" x 29.5"
When compressed: 14.2" x 7.1"
Kingcamp Oasis 250 is easy to compress and roll up. It also comes with a compression bag for easy carry.

light weight sleeping bag temperature rating icon

Temperature Rating

Considered a 3 season sleeping bag the Paria is suited for colder temperatures all the way down to 15℉. Being designed for these harsher temperatures is where much of the additional cost is being created.

Ultralight sleeping bag temperature rating icon

Temperature Rating

The Kingcamp Oasis 250 performs better in mild seasons with an extreme rating that dips down to 26℉. Our testing went down to the upper 30's at which we were still comfortably warm.

Light weight sleeping bag fill and exterior - Paria Thermodown

Exterior & Fill

The Paria Thermodown has a ripstop nylon exterior with a down fill. The down fill is a High Loft 600-fill power down. Benefits of this combination is a more durable bag that is rated for lower temperatures, but less resistant to water.

Light weight sleeping bag fill and exterior - Kingcamp Oasis

Exterior & Fill

Kingcamp Oasis uses a corespun polyester for its exterior with a synthetic fill. The fill is a 100% Polyester Double Filled Fixed Comfort Loft 250g/©O. Normally this combination would increase bag weight, but the Kingcamp Oasis 250 is still lighter than average. In addition, this exterior/fill combo is more moisture resistant.

Sleeping Bag Stash Pocket Icon

Stash Pocket

There is no secret stash pocket.

Ultra light sleeping bag hidden pocket

Stash Pocket

There is a great little interior stash pocket for holding items you want close to you while sleeping. A simple but very useful design addition.

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